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Chai masala, also known as tea masala or chai spice mix, is a blend of spices used to flavor and enhance the taste of traditional Indian chai tea. Chai masala typically contains a combination of warm and aromatic spices that give the tea a rich and complex flavor profile. The exact blend of spices can vary based on personal preferences and regional variations, but some common ingredients found in chai masala include:

Cardamom: This is a key ingredient in chai masala, providing a sweet and aromatic flavor.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon adds warmth and a slightly sweet taste to the chai.

Cloves: Cloves contribute a strong and pungent flavor to the spice mix.

Ginger: Dried ginger or ginger powder adds a hint of spiciness and warmth.

Black Pepper: A touch of black pepper provides a subtle heat to the chai.

Nutmeg: Nutmeg adds a rich and nutty flavor to the mix.

Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds bring a mild licorice-like taste to the chai.

Star Anise: This spice adds a subtle, sweet, and slightly licorice-like flavor.

Black Cardamom: Black cardamom offers a smoky and earthy note to the blend.

Coriander Seeds: Coriander seeds might be used in some blends for a citrusy undertone.

Allspice: Sometimes used for a more complex flavor profile.

Bay Leaves: Bay leaves can add a fragrant aroma to the chai masala.


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